Public Speaking:

Kingdon and Associates can speak at events or provide training. This includes online virtual group or individual workshops to help educators, managers and HR professionals to become better equipped to set up each individual for success and remove barriers in academic and employment settings. Jennifer can share her own professional and personal insights as a speaker in virtual conference events.

Policy Change Advocacy:

Kingdon and Associates continues to look for ways to collaborate with other professionals and organizations to advocate for greater access and inclusivity in all areas of life in our communities. We want to use our voices and actions to remove anti-ablism in our culture, our systems and our politics, providing equal access, opportunities and funding for services, jobs, and safe public spaces.

Economic Equity:

Finances should not be a barrier. Access government funding or tax breaks for tutoring and apply for ODSP and Special Services at Home when possible. We are open to collaborating and finding innovative solutions, such as fundraising or applying for grants that would allow our services to be more accessible, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances.


Need an article for a publication or assistance with writing some policy recommendations? We can provide assistance with writing and editing.