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Academic Strategist Consultation:

This includes an analysis of your child’s history and current situation, professional advice and practical strategies to implement immediately to increase learning efficacy and get access to needed quality resources and support services in your school and in your community. Some students may need additional testing and diagnosis to access services needed to reach his/her full potential. This service can include continued support as needed, so you can ask any questions as they come up.

Academic Advocate Consultation:

School meetings can feel intimidating sometimes. You can bring a professional advocate with you to the meeting to provide extra support. Kingdon and Associates can help prepare you for the meeting and/or advocate in the meeting with you, acting as a bridge between home and school, and promoting the needs of the student. These meetings could include the Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC), Individualized Education Program (IEP), and College accommodation meetings.

The process of getting and maintaining the services needed for your child is ongoing and can be overwhelming for parents who would prefer to be “parents” not “professional advocates” for their children. An Academic Advocate can fulfill the role of case manager; cohesively organizing collaboration between you, the student, doctors, specialists, therapists and the school. They can be your partner throughout this journey, and act as a constant amidst what may feel like an uphill battle in getting your child the services and tools he/she needs. Kingdon and Associates can continue to bridge school and home, providing ongoing communication with school, as well as other service providers. This ensure a unified approach and connection to home, so that everyone involved is on the same page with a student’s current needs and strategies.

Each child is an individual. Kingdon and Associates will be helping your child by advocating to remove barriers, finding the resources and tools needed, and teaching skills in a variety of ways that adapt to the unique needs and learning style of your child. No parent wants to see their child simply pushed through to the next grade without fully addressing their global learning needs in a way that nurtures their development in all areas of life: socially, emotionally, mentally, physically and academically. Let’s work together to set your child up for success in life.