Live online counselling available now!

Caregiver Counselling (individual or group):

Kingdon and Associates trained professionals offer virtual, one-on-one counselling sessions to provide support and guidance around homework completion, behaviour management and how to navigate the educational system. You may need to discuss ways to manage your own needs while accessing positive coping skills through this caregiver journey. You don’t need to do it all and you down need to be a martyr. Many caregivers benefit from one-on-one support and guidance from time to time.

Virtual caregiver support groups are facilitated by a professional counsellor. Groups of no more than 6 parents meet by-weekly or monthly, to discuss and develop ideas that work. Feeling you are not alone in your anxiety and frustration can be very helpful. We are all in this together and we can come together as a village, raising our children by collaborating. We can take the opportunity to show up for one another, share ideas and support one another.

Student Counselling (individual or group):

Kingdon and Associates provides one-on-one virtual academic counselling that nurtures confident, resilient students. We teach strategies to: identify and manage anxiety and depression; enhance communication skills; increase self-advocacy; set goals and develop life skills.

Academic counselling can provide a safe place to talk about frustrations and disappointments related to school. It can also include teaching healthy coping strategies for students who feel overwhelmed with their academic expectations.

A counsellor can provide a safe space to vent, ask questions and think out loud. Phone and text counselling is also available, with caregiver permission, for teens and tweens.

Virtual group counselling for students is facilitated by a professional counsellor, to allow for peer discussion and support, which can help young people feel less alone and more supported. Groups of 6 or less are formed based on matching needs and ages.