Emotional Support

Caregiver Support

Kingdon and Associates recognizes and supports the whole family system. Caring for a Neurodivergent student can be difficult to navigate and the dynamics can often strain the whole family. Kingdon and Associates trained counselling professionals offer caregivers support and guidance around areas such as homework completion, behaviour management, communication strategies, how to navigate the educational system and how to access community supports.

You may need to discuss ways to manage your own needs, while accessing positive coping skills through this caregiver journey. You may also receive guidance on how to help support siblings who are trying to interpret their place in the family as well.

Student Cognitive and Emotional Needs

Kingdon and Associates counsellors recognize and support the whole person. Our counselling professionals provide personalized academic counselling that nurtures confident, resilient students. We teach strategies to: identify and manage anxiety and depression; work through trauma; enhance communication skills; increase self-advocacy; set goals; develop executive function skills (such as organization and planning) and practice social skills.

Academic counselling can provide a safe place to talk about frustrations and disappointments related to school. It can also include teaching healthy coping strategies for students who feel overwhelmed with academic expectations. A calm, happy, well-adjusted student, who feels understood and accepted for who they are, is more receptive to learning and more able to thrive developmentally.