Why our tutors?

In the classroom, many teachers don’t have the time or training to give neurodiverse students adequate personalized attention or individualized instruction to help them excel. School resource teachers (SERTs) are spread thin and have limited time with students. Our tutors add the element that brings it all together for a student.

Tutoring can help set routines. It can reinforce what is being taught at school and deepen the level of understanding of new concepts, by extending the learning beyond the classroom. One-on-one private tutoring with a professional academic strategist also allows time to teach study skills and build solid organizational habits. Personalized assessment and feedback helps determine the needs of the student.

Kingdon and Associates goes above and beyond regular tutoring or homework completion. Our academic strategists utilize the strengths of the student, while developing strategies, and creating tools to help with a variety of learning needs. Individualized, innovative tutoring builds on the interests and abilities of each student, to maximize their learning potential, by filling in any gaps in learning, and spending additional time on concepts that are more difficult, through structured practice and review.

We have academic strategists who are certified teachers. Our top notch instructors hold advanced degrees in their specialized subject areas (Masters and Doctorates). All grades (K-university), all abilities (including neurodivergent learners) and all subject areas are served.

Online or in-person?

Kingdon and Associates academic strategists can customize an individual student’s tutoring, based on what works for each student and family. You can book days and times that work for you and your family, online or in-person.

While it’s always great to meet face-to-face (especially for elementary students) when it’s possible, in today’s world, online tutoring is often the way to go, even when we’re not in an era of social distancing. There’s nothing like calling up a tutor when you need some extra help. The schedules are flexible if necessary, requiring less of a time commitment, that doesn’t involve a commute for either party to a physical location. These online tutors are able to utilize digital whiteboards, collaborative text editing, and other tools that make students and tutors feel like they’re right in the same room together.

Our tutoring enhances learning

What can happen too often in the classroom today is the baseline for the current course work is never fully assessed. School SERTs have limited time to assess students and create generic accommodations. Thus, several grades and IEPs later, the struggle continues to get worse. An example is a student trying to keep up with 8th-grade reading when he doesn’t yet have a full grasp on reading at the 4th-grade level.

Enhanced learning happens when an academic strategist who is specialized in helping Neurodivergent learners, designs individualized curriculum for a student based on specific goals and current true academic levels of that student. This is when we start to see incredible gains.

Often, the first step is understanding exactly where the student is at in terms of grade level. The IEP isn’t always the most accurate when it comes to this area.Through the use of engaging informal assessment, an academic strategist can get a clear picture of where a student is currently at in their learning and identify pockets of missed learning.

Once a baseline is established, a plan is developed. This plan includes a timeline, frequency of sessions and consistency parameters to ensure efficient use of time.The plan most likely will pivot as time goes on to adjust for anything that may present itself. However, any changes will be communicated and agreed upon in advance.

Through creating a customized curriculum and plan, specific to the individual needs of each student, an academic strategist can help a student build skills, fill in learning gaps and increase confidence.


  • Grades go up and confidence soars!
  • Behaviour and communication improves!
  • Stress is reduced over time as the student feels learning is more manageable!
  • When students no longer feel lost, frustrated, confused and stressed out on a daily basis… their lives are able to transform.