Vocational Coaching

Considering additional education or retraining?

You may feel overwhelmed by all the choices in front of you and you don’t know where to start. Work with a skilled consultant at Kingdon and Associates to assess and narrow down the best focus of studies for you, based on your needs, interests, abilities and life goals.

Kingdon and Associates provides a systematic, structured approach, giving assistance in breaking down steps, including searching for and applying to the best education and training for the area of study a client decides to pursue. This ensures a smooth and confident decision making process. However it doesn’t guarantee that your path is resistant to change. Many students end up shifting their path for various reasons along the way, but with vocational counselling, you will be taking confident steps in the direction of a future career that is a great fit for you.

The vocational counsellor can help you coordinate with academic support services at the school and determine a modified schedule that works for you.  She can also teach organization and planning strategies that will get you through with less frustration, providing specialized tutoring along the way that adapts to your personal needs and academic schedule.

Trying to determine which career path to take next? Need the tools to get there?

A vocational counsellor helps to develop and determine vocational goals and plans that reflect an individual’s personality and strengths. This may start with vocational assessments and systematic counselling, to help determine which field of work a client is most interested in and best suited for.

A Kingdon and Associates vocational counsellor can provide assistance in setting up informational interviews or job shadowing opportunities. This vocational expert can also speak directly with the employer to help advocate for any accommodations that may be necessary for your success on the job if you are a person with a disability.

A vocational counsellor provides professional guidance with job searching, and can assist in creating resumes and cover letters that get noticed. Get results with interview coaching and proper preparation.

Access our knowledge and experience, to help you achieve your vocational goals!